GreenSparks (Pvt) Ltd

Malawi,  Mozambique,  Zambia,  Zimbabwe

About Us

Green Sparks was started by Neil Bradshaw to provide world class solar and inverter solutions to Africa.  Whilst our initial focus has been on Zimbabwe we operate regionally and as far afield as Nigeria and Kenya.  We have partnered with Zamara Sustainable Solutions in Malawi to provide design, technical support and of course our product range. 


Neil Bradshaw – Founder Director
MSc. Eng UCT

Neil - a power electronics design engineer - has been designing and building solar systems and power inverters in South Africa for over 10 years.   He holds a Masters Degree in Power Electronics.

A Research and Development engineer and project lead engineer on inverter design, working with MLT Drives, Cape Town, RSA and Princeton Power Systems, New Jersey, USA. 

Project experience up to 500kVA in inverter design and commissioning.

Project leader of the Demand Response Inverter (DRI) design and development performed by MLT for Princeton Power Systems - now in producton and used for disaster management eforts in the USA and in US military applicatons.

Neil is hands-on and likes to work outdoors – he will usually be found geting his hands dirty with almost every installaton.


Liesel Bradshaw – Director


Power station - hydro and gas turbine - expert, specialising in control and instrumentaton engineering.  Several years experience with Eskom, South Africa. 

Trained by Siemens in Germany on gas turbine automaton systems and instrumental in the design of the SCADA and control system for Ingula Pump Storage Power Staton, South Africa.  

Experienced in remote control of power statons and grid code compliance, including design and implementaton of interfaces for informaton exchange between power stations and the National Control Centre.




         Our friendly and experienced staff are always eager to assist.